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I'm the mother of three incredible children, (27-year old twins and an 19-year old). I've been living with my sweet husband and soulmate, Kevin for over 14 years.



As a child, I began writing poems and stories as soon as I could hold a crayon or pencil and could find anything to write on (and I do mean anything). I still have a collection of poems I did on small colored paper napkins when I was very young. I  get teased for a line from one of my early stories, which was "What is what, mother? Is a boy supposed to like a girl?" Actually, that's relevant and thought-provoking, even today.  I was ahead of my time.

Then, of course, there's the poem I wrote for my sister, Pam, which included the lines:

Pam is Cute
She wears a suit
But you never know what she'll do
when you say "Sue"
I'm not sure I can surpass such a body of work.

Here are a couple of pictures of me at an early age.  I love to look into those young eyes and wonder what all she knew.. what was she thinking... why is she here?  


Here also is my favorite picture of all time of my Mom, my daughter and myself...three generations.

   and here is a new 3-generation picture, of my mother, my daughter, and myself.  
My daughter is pregnant now, so soon there will be a 4 generation picture!!!

My wonderful son Justin and his girlfriend Amy                                                         

My wonderful son, Nick                                                                                         My wonderful daughter Becky and her husband, John

I was born and raised fundamentalist Christian. My Dad was a television weatherman on the NBC station, and we had a television show for 20 years, on each day during the noon-hour to sing religious songs. We've made 17 record albums over the years in professional studios, and have been singing personal appearances since the time I was two.   

Here are some fun pictures of my family back "in the day"... yes I'm the baby, notice I was flirty even back then.


When I became an adult, I began to read Marianne Williamson, which led me to A Course in Miracles, (which I  have read several times), which led me to Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Richard Bach and more. (many, many, many more)

I am no longer a fundamentalist Christian.  I am a student of life.

Here I am with a couple of my favorite authors and celebrities over the years (The 2nd pic is the talk in Madison, where I was able to introduce Dr. Chopra to a crowd of over 1,200)


Me with Dr. Deepak Chopra, my favorite author and public speaker.

      Wayne Dyer and me

I was in the audience of the Oprah Winfrey show several times and got some close-ups on TV (I'm a naturally expression-ful person.)  A friend of mine did a few "still pics" from the video of one of the shows, and that's what these are here (I'm the one with the redish hair in the multi-colored jacket.. Oprah reached out and patted my leg once and was sitting RIGHT in front of me throughout the show)


  Here are two pictures of me after I conquered my huge phobia/fear of water and jumped into the deep end of the pool (I swim underwater without goggles and such now too) It's been GREAT facing and conquering these fears... I highly recommend it


While we're on the subject of conquering fears, I did a couple more this past month.   I won a trip to Cancun, so Kevin and I went and had an amazing time (for a day-by-day diary of our trip, click here.)

I wanted to swim with the dolphins, but I was afraid to do the foot push.  I did it all!  Here is a pic of me with the sweet dolphin:

Then I decided to push my fear to the limit and go parasailing!  I was TERRIFIED to do it, but I deep-down wanted to,  Here are a few pics "before" and "after".  ANYTHING you're fearing, my advice is to look it straight in the eyes and go towards it!   You're much more powerful than any fear.

Yipeeee, it was great!!!

Rock - n - Roll!


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