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Welcome to Sharon's web page about the great product

Feel free to wander around the links at the left.   I'm an Independent Distributor of Cambridge products and will be adding some information from the company here and there to help to educate everyone a bit more.   Below is a bit of "the basics".

Cambridge is a nutritional tool that can help you to shed pounds and inches in a short length of time.   It has all the nutrients you need every day in 3-4 shakes/soups per day.   NOTE:  I drink Cambridge for 3 shakes and a bar each day, and also a healthy meal.  You can do ONLY Cambridge, if you wish, but I'm training to jog a marathon, and workout 3-4 hours a day, so I need a bit extra protein and carbs.

There are many ways to use Cambridge products.  You can do it Sole Source (which means you ONLY do the shakes and soups), or you can add a low-calorie meal each day.  You can also alternate days of Sole Sourcing with your light meal days.  That's the wonderful thing about Cambridge... it's flexibility!   It's the most flexible plan I've ever been on, and certainly the most effective!

I was on Cambridge back in the 80s when it first came out, and I loved it and lost the 30 pounds that I wanted to lose.  Three kids and 25 years later, I find myself needing it again, and I'm SO glad it's still available, and better than ever!

There are two Cambridge products now.  You can still buy the original "330" products, but with those remember to do them four times a day instead of three.

The new FFL (Food For Life) formula has additional nutrients and you only have three shakes/soups per day.  You can also mix and match.  There are also delicious Cambridge bars of various flavors to try and now they have OATS, which lets you make lots of great recipes!

I LOVE lots of the fun recipes you can do with Cambridge.  Just the shakes alone allow you to add extracts and sweeteners and mix the shake flavors together to make some amazing taste sensations!  I also love to mix my shake with diet sodas.  One of my favorites is to use Diet Root Beer with the Vanilla Cambridge, and some ice chips, in a blender.  It tastes like a Root Beer Float!  The Diet Rite and other diet sodas also give some great taste variations to the drinks.  The Red Raspberry Diet Rite with the Strawberry Cambridge is SO good!

You can make pudding or mousse out of the shake products, and the oats allow you to make oatmeal, stuffing and even muffins and pancakes!  As I said, Cambridge is really flexible and FUN!

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