Many of you have asked for more details of our Cancun Trip, so here is our daily diary from the trip.  I copied and pasted it exactly as it was when we sent it each day from my laptop in the room!   It will give you more of a feel of the actual trip.   (Note:  the writing in my emails is more for feeling than for strict writing style, so I won't edit my enthusiasm by making it "good writing")  for some pictures of our trip, go to my Sweepstakes page.

Day One

HI EVERYONE!!! We're in Cancun and OH MY GOSH!!! HA they gave us the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE! We have a special door that takes us INTO our front door haha In other words, there is like a little waiting area out there and it's only for us and the other presidential suite next door. No one is in that one yet, I wonder if some celebrity will go in there while we're here? hahaha (Kevin said, it will be some stupid person we dont know, probably ha)

WE HAVE THREE ROOMS, THREE BALCONIES, A HUGE JACUZZI OUTSIDE, AND EVERY WINDOW FACES THE OCEAN. We'll be going to sleep every night listening to the ocean! It's UN-FRIGGIN-BELIEVABLE! haha MUCH better than I even thought it would be. Even the guy who checked us in said "you have a very V.I.P. situation, you are very lucky" yea baby!!! ha He asked me how I got the "reward" notification next to our name, and all the V.I.P. treatment, and wondered if we worked for the hotel chain or something haha I showed him my card that showed that I won, and it took him a while to understand what a sweepstakes/contest was, but once he did he said "you are the luckiest person I've ever met" haha If he only knew... haha If I'd have shown him my web site... ha I've actually told several people about how I won, and my book, and they wrote down the information to buy it! haha So, here I am, marketing, in Mexico!  I'll come back later for a book tour! 

Both of the flights went really well and quickly for us both. OH, and the driver at the airport had MY NAME so we could find him and we are the ONLY ones he took to the hotel, in a private van. (we took a pic of me with him and my name on the card hahaha) he was SO fun and taught us a few words of Spanish on the way ha he spoke English really well too of course. They handed me a flower as we walked in and both of us a glass of champagne. We've had room service a lot already (we got here at noon yesterday), and it's all delicious! It's 24-hour room service. the BAR that's included in the room is amazing too, we took pics, and I"ll send some tonight. Everything is included, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. I AM able to get online, obviously.

(there are two big TVs on the wall, one in the living room and one in the bedroom, and we're watching The Simpsons in the background right now.. IN SPANISH  It's too fun! haha HBO and Cinemax are in English, and CNN and one other channel, but most of them are in Spanish. It's kind of fun ha

Oh, also, as we came in, they saw how hot everyone was (we came from 23 degree, freezing blizzarding weather, to 84 degrees here! ha culture shock! ha) so they handed us all these FREEZING cold aromatherapy washclothes all rolled up fancy. It was sooo neat! (this was DURING CHECK-IN! haha) truly the whole experience so far has been 1000 times better than I even thought.

We planned our next 4 days, so we could go ahead and have them schedule everything so we'd for sure get on the schedule. So here's what we're doing. OH, AND I FORGOT TO TELL YOU! ha They ALSO gave us a swiming-with-the dolphins thing, which we are doing on Friday, as I've always wanted to do that. And they gave us a free $100 spa certificate (it was a surprise extra thing as part of the win!) so I'm getting a fancy 80 minute spiritual healing stone massage on Sunday with it! They are also giving Kevin a t-shirt and me a Beach bag tomorrow he said. Oh and the AMENITIES ARE AMAZING! ha There are two robes for us to USE, but not take, of coure, but the brand-new houseshoes say we can KEEP them. And the bathroom things are practically full-sized for some of them! haha (of course Kevin took pictures haha He's been SO good at doing that.. and lots of video already too.. he wants to stand out there with the video camera one day and tape the ocean for like an hour.. so we can watch it at home when we want to relax haha it's soooo turquoise blue and beautiful) And we went out to the pool and came back and ALL THE AMENITIES WERE ALL FILLED AGAIN! haha (I had put them in my suitcase earlier). I wonder if they'll give us all these big ones every day? ha

We're about to relax around the beach and the pools, etc. We went to one pool and we were the only ones in it haha it was so nice, and it's RIGHT on the beach.. have I mentioned that a million times already, cause I KEEP saying it here! haha "We're RIGHT on the beach! ha"

Then Friday is where we go to this Isle on this boat that he called the "party boat" which he says is really fun and they have people dresed up as characters and everything.. and then once wer'e there, we're going SNORKLING! YEA!!! I've always wanted to do that.. and then swimming with the dolphins. We'll take pics and video of course!

Then, on Saturday we're going on a day-long trip to the Pyramids. (these are all included of course). We're really excited about that too, then back to the pools and our amazing outside jacuzzi again of course ha (we went into it tonight, it's on ONE of our three decks outside, and it's AMAZING! haha I put some of the bubble bath that they gave me in the amenities thing and it was so fun with all those big bubbles in that outside jacuzzi! ha(once again, Kevin took pics haha I think I've yet to take one of HIM, but he's taken lots of the room and of me! haha) Oh and Saturday's also the day they take us to the flea market too to do some cheap shopping of local items if we want.

Then on Sunday we just RELAX haha it's my stone massage spa day too. Then we come back Monday of course, check-out is noon.

We're soooo excited, of course. We were already excited when we thought we'd just have a regular room! haha

I love you all, thanks for being excited with us! Kevin just keeps hugging and kissing me and saying "thanks for winning this honey" haha and saying "I know i"m lucky you picked me to come with you" hahaha I keep telling him how lucky I am to have HIM too of course! We're definitely not sunburned yet haha as we've had NO sun ha But tomorrow we'll get some, and then the next two days we'll get a lot, so we're taking our suntan lotion with us.

Day Two 

We had room service breakfast (a great omelette and pineapple juice), and then went over to another of the Palace Resorts. It was really pretty, but ours is nicer haha The guy who showed us around commented on our black wrist bands and said that is VERY high V.I.P. and he NEVER sees those. We had NO IDEA that our wristband color meant anything! hahaha So of course now we're teasing each other and say "black wristband power, unite!" and then click them together hahaha then we start giggling. Kevin said "we're such dorks" hahahaha I said "yup" haha We keep teasing that we're going to display them prominently now and we pretended we were pointing at things to flash them so others could see (haha) I have a pic that I'm sending that has Kevin showing the famous wristband haha

Oh it was funny, cause the guy who showed us around the other resort was trying to get us to buy a future package to go there, etc.. and I said "no thanks, I won my vacation" haha He said "what?" I explained it all to him and he got SO EXCITED hahaha He rushed off to get a piece of paper and pen and made me write down my web site address and book title! haha (which would work, as a lot of the sweeps in the USA are also eligible in Mexico! ha) So THEN as we were about to leave, he rushed over with his supervisor (she was dressed all fancy) and her eyes were bright and she said "I want to know more about your contest wins.. anyone can enter these?" haha I talked to her for a while and Kevin giggled later and said that I was "on baby", and they were an interested audience haha She also made me write down my web site and book title haha I loved it. I told them I was going to come back for a book tour here some day ha

BOTH of our taxi drivers were awesome today, so funny and friendly and taught us a few more words of Spanish ha we're really enjoying that. He taught me how to say "I love you honey" to Kevin haha but I think I've forgotten haha

Then we had lunch and then went to the beach.. and it was the first time Kevin had ever been IN the beach (didn't even do that in CA back when we looked at Laguna beach). I had warned him about the undertow ha well sure enough, it knocked him over pretty quickly haha But mine was much worse!  We took turns and filmed one another out there, and mine I did really well for a while and would plant my feet in the sand when the big wave came.. and then all, of a sudden I was down baby haha and then I could NOT get a hold on anything for a few seconds such a weird feeling hahah I crawled up just a bit before I could jump back up haha but it was fun. though there was sand EVERYWHERE on us haha We got out and looked up and down the coast and NO ONE else was in ROFLHOL I said "hmmm, think they knew what a windy day it was?" hahaha We laid out and took some pics and got a tiny bit of sun (with our SPF of 30, we got very little ha). I got a pina colada on the beach which was also fun, oh and we had the guy put one of those big umbrellas in the sand next to us for a while (though we didn't even use it, it just looked cool hahaha)

They have outside showers so we used those and then got fresh beach towels (provided with our wrist band) and then went to the pool. We were going to try a new pool, but they had loud COUNTRY music on over there (what were they thinking???? ha) and were playing volleyball, so we went back to our favorite pool and they had Spanish music on and it was wonderful. We're always the only ones in that pool and it's the infinity pool so it's soooo cool and you feel like you're swimming in the ocean (but without the violent winds and waves haha)

I told Kevin that it's my new tradition (since California and Ireland) that I always get my haircut on vacation anywhere ha so I asked them about theirs. I'm going to get a haircut on Sunday before my spa visit (about 3 hours before). It should be fun. Who knows what it will turn out like, but it's only hair, it will grow back if I don't like it ha

Oh I forgot to tell you a funny on the first day.. the first driver we had asked our names, and when Kevin said his, the guy said "oh yes, Kebin.. as in Kebin Coostner" ha (phonetically typed of course ha) Then later when we checked in, that guy said "Kebin, like Kebin Kline?" hahaha 

We came back up and took a shower together in our huge shower, then we set the movie camera to tape the beach for about an hour and hear the sounds. I can't wait to watch that again when we get home.. a great thing to have on for relaxation.
We sat on our lounge chairs on the balcony silently while it was taping ha and it was sooooo beautiful, and they were grilling something in their outdoor cafe and the smell was heavenly too (it was too windy to eat outside, maybe we'll do that tomorrow). We met our new neighbors in the suite next to us. It's an older couple and they seem nice. I told Kevin he's probably some real diplomat or something haha

Well tomorrow morning we leave early, at 9, to go to the "Island of the Woman" on a party boat and then do the snorkeling and dolphins thing, etc., so I won't stay on long tonight. I'll send pics to those who asked for them before I head to bed though.

Day 3 

Wow, today was amazing! ha We left at 9 on a bus and picked up others at other hotels along the way. The boat ride was fun on the way there, but REALLY fun on the way back haha We got to the island and immediately took a taxi (with another couple) to the dolphins.

ON the way there, we began to chit-chat, and wouldn't you know it within about 1 minute, they knew we had won our trip ROFLHOL (of course) Kevin told them, actually, after they asked where we were staying, etc... The woman (Rachel) is really fun and I wish she lived closer to us. I think she's going to get my book (Rachel are you reading this? If so, come in and say "hi!!!" I gave them my web site informatin and everything and they were going to look that over tonight when they got back to their hotel. we had lunch together after the dolphins too. they're fun . and guess what his name is? Kevin! haha We loved that. they live in Utah. (oh, and there were these really cool hammocks over between these gorgeous palm trees, and Kevin and I were each in one while we waited to go out with our group)

The dolphins were.. AAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGG ha I will NEVER forget it. We were just in awe the whole time. Talk about a unique exerience! We got to do LOTS more than i thought we would. We all had life jackets on (sooo clumsy to swim in a life jacket! ha) and we stood on this little weird thing while the guy had us do things with the dolphins.. sometimes all together, sometimes in pairs, sometimes alone, etc.

We did the two kisses each (where we kiss them, and they kiss us) and learned the hand signal to have them do that, of course. And then the hand signal to have them dance with us, and that was fun (and is on pics I"m about to send), and then we swam out a bit together and held the dolphin in front of us liek a baby. It was soo cool (it floated of course, it's too heavy to ACTUALLY hold haha) we got to kiss them and stroke them and hug them.

THEN, we swam out even farther, and did two REALLY COOL THINGS! haha The first one was a hand signal I'll have to show you later ha but it had the dolphin come around behind you and put it's belly up, and you grabbed onto both fins and it TOOK OFF! haha It was the belly ride. WOW it was fun, they are SO STRONG and you go so fast! haha But the REALLY brave one (which I almost didn't do, but I"m SO proud of myself for doing!) ha was the foot push! ha You go out there and do another hand signal and lie flat on your stomach with your legs VERY straight, knees locked.. and the dolphin comes from behind and PUSHES your foot and you feel like superman! hahaha you go REALLY fast and high out of the water (well others went a bit higher than I did haha). It was A TRIP! ha We watched the DVD on my computer tonight and it's soooooooooooo good. I"m trying to convince Rachel to let me send them a copy of it. It's just really well done, with music behind it and everything, and you can see us do everything. So cool.

We both just LOVED it all. Oh, and they waved at us, sang to us, splashed us (on cue ha) and did tricks for us with our hand signals and we got to touch them A LOT more than I thought. It was truly magical.

We went back to have lunch with Rachel and Kevin and then got back on the boat. They took us a ways down the shore to the shopping, and we did that about 2 hours. We got the kids all some things and us too and that was fun. This one store we really loved and the people were SO fun and they offered us free shots of different flavored tequilla to try. Kevin had FIVE shots and I had 3 1/2 haha They were SO good though, and really smooth and mild. We bought two bottles to bring home.

OH, ALSO, THIS IS SO FUNNY, we put our names in for this silver store to win a prize (it was told to us by the captain of the boat)... but you HAD to be there at 3:45 to win... well, we got there TWO MINUTES LATE ahha and we saw this woman win and she was SO excited. I asked someone if they had picked any other names before hers, and they said "yes", and I said "did they call Sharon Elaine?" and her eyes got wide and she said "YES!" hahahahaha So, technically I won something in Mexico hahaha but I'm really glad the woman won, cause she was SOOOO excited, and it was earrings anyway, and I rarely wear earrings (and heck I won the trip, that's fine haha).. but isn't that funny that I even won something in Mexico? hahaha Kevin said "I knew you would" haha

Then we came backon the boat and it was PARTY BOAT TIME! haha The pics I"m about to send show them squirting flavored tequilla in our mouths haha There was dancing, karaoke singing all together, jokes, everything. SO fun.

Then we came back "home" ha (it was an all day thing.. from 9 this morning until 6 tonight) and we were hot from the shopping, so we ordered some room service (we refuse to buy any meals, I mean why would we when we can get them free here? haha) and after we ate, we went down to a new pool in the hotel. It was really fun and very refreshing. Then we came up and watched the waves while the jacuzzi filled up. We got in and ahhhhhhhh that hot water felt so good after the cold pool, and our muscles hurt a bit from all that activity earlier. It was a perfect ending to a VERY fun day.

We're just lying around now ha We made a decision though.. we're NOT going to the pyramids tomorrow after all. It's a SIX hour drive (there and back) and we'd have had to leave at 7 a.m., and that just seems like a really long day haha Plus, we didn't get to do snorkling today, cause there wasn't time on the island (it was your CHOICE of snorkling, scuba or dolphins.. you could only do ONE).. so tomorrow we're going to take a bus down to a place that does snorkling around the hotel. I MIGHT do the parasailing, as they have these ones now that have chairs that you sit in. I'm not sure yet about that, but I REALLY want to.

Day 4 

Okay, our day today had less in it, but what I DID do was enough! haha

I WENT PARASAILING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS TERRIFIED! haha I ended up LOVING it though, and am SO glad I conquered another fear! ha I highly recommend it! ha

Well, yesterday we hadn't been able to do snorkeling, so I prayed that I would be shown (given a sign) for whether or not to do snorkeling or parasailing, and that it woudl be EASILY AVAILABLE TO ME if I was to do it...

Okay, well we stayed up really late last night and slept in, so when I woke up and Kevin opened up that curtain RIGHT in front of me was a HUGE "parasaiilng" sign! ROFLHOL I gasped! hahaha I mean you could clearly see it EXACTLY where I always sit on my side of the bed hahaha I gulped and said "umm, Kevin... get up honey, we have some flying to do..." hahaha

Well, Kevin is afraid of heights, so I knew he wouldn't want to go, and that's fine, but he was very supportive of me going. He was going to stay on the shore and take pics and video, but then at the last minute they let me take the camera out there in the boat and one of the guys there took some pics for me, so sweet. Kevin took a lot of footage of it too though, from the beach.

As the pictures will show I was truly terrified before-hand, but I just REALLY, REALLY WANTED TO DO IT DARN IT! haha I had to wait forever (at least 1/2 an hour ha) before they took me out and up, as another group was out there.

This gorgeous guy (ha.. dont' worry I told Kevin he's gorgeous too hahaha) took me out on the jetski. He kept saying "hold me tighter, hold me tighter".. okayyy no problem cutie-pie hahaha the jetski was SOOOOOO fun! All the big waves especially, he was an expert on that thing!

Getting from the jetski ONTO the boat was "fun" (NOT! HAHA) but they helped me on. Then we road around in the boat for about another 20 minutes, as there were three people on the boat already and were finishing up theirs. They were really sweet and said how fun and magical it was (it had been their first time too). So they ALL got onto jetskis and off they went, and I was alone with these two other guys haha

They were so sweet and helpful and got me all harnassed in. I sat on my butt on the back of the boat and they took off from there, which made it much easier, I thought I'd have to stand. It was really gentle and very cool to take off. I loved that part the best of all haha Well, I loved it all, so it's hard to decide ha

(I was still really scared at this point, and SERIOUSLY almost threw up before I got up haha I couldn't believe how I was feeling about it all! haha such an intense experience) I kept taking deep breaths and saying to myself lots of affirmations, like "I'm okay, my stomach is calm" haha I did NOT want to throw up all over my life vest ROFLHOL

But seriously the whole experience was really great. I LOVED it once I was up there (I love heights) and it was so QUIET up there and so magical, and you could see SO FAR. Just really gorgeous and felt like I was flying. Well, I kind of was haha Now I REALLY want to go sky diving! haha I've always wanted to, but I for sure want to now! ha

When they slowed the boat down and I floated down it was really gentle, and they intentionally dip you a bit (only up to the knees) in the water and then back up a bit, back and forth a bit.. SO FUN! He took some pics for me of me coming back in too. Such sweet guys, all of them (EVERYONE here has been SO GREAT!) And then PLOP, my butt was back on the back of the boat! haha as easy as that! ha it was SO professionally done, from beginning to end. I told them that an thanked them and gave them a little tip.

So, that's my harrowing parasailing story haha I told Kevin I went through every emotion, back and forth hahaha I was excited, terrified, ready to puke, thrilled, in awe, joyful, then nervous again about getting out of the boat back onto the jetski haha, then excited to be on the jetski again hahaha As we came back to the beach he said "okay, now hold on to me as tight as you possibly can" Once again.. okey dokey haha and he ZOOOOMED up onto the beach! haha It was wild!

My body was literally shaking, from head to toe for about AN HOUR after I was done! haha I wasn't nervous any more, but all of my muscles working in a different way and all the emotions going.. it was so weird. I had Kevin take some footage of my hand shaking hahaha

It may not sound very good the way I"m writing it up hahaha but it really was ANOTHER wonderfully amazing experience that i'll never forget.

We laid out by the pool for a while (no sun this time) and then came up to a clean room again (such a great feeling, I have to figure out how to get that kind of service at home hahaha I leave for work and come back with everything all clean haha)

then we went to dinner at the Cafe Bistro at the hotel. Pics of that too. Then did a little shopping in the stores in the hotel, then out onto the balcony (of course) ha We took MORE footage of the waves on the shore, and the sound of it too. We left it running while we laid out there watching the beach. We're going out in a minute to the jacuzzi again. Have to do it every night!

Tomorrow I get my hair cut and do my stone massage, but we're going to fit in breakfast at the Cafe Bistro cafe again (they do buffets, so you get to try lots of different exotic foods), and then some more time at the last pool that we haven't been in yet, etc.

I can't believe it's almost time to go home, wahhhhhhh ha We leave Monday afternoon at 1 from here, and our flight is 4:30 I think. We get home late Monday night (about midnight) and then I work right away Tuesday morning! ha but it's just a 3-hour class, then I'll come home and collapse a bit haha

 Cancun Lovers

Day 5 - February 10, 2008

Today was fun, and was RELAXING! ha We got up earlier than usual (at 9) and almost immediately took Kevin out to do jetskiing ha Well, I was telling him yesterday that I hated that I was doing these things by myself, like the parasailing and the massage, and I wanted him to do something just for HIM. So, that's why he did that, which I'm SO glad he did. There are good pics of that too (and of course I took footage)

We had them clean our room while we were down there, and we came back to a cute towel figure again.. we think this one is a dinosaur.  Kevin was SOAKED, so he changed clothes and we quickly went down to breakfast (they closed at 11:30). It was that buffet and it was so cool to try lots of different breakfast stuff. Fried bananas and all kinds of interesting things. I didn't like the fried bananas, but some of the other stuff I did!

Then I rushed off to my hair appt. He was GREAT. His name is Candida and as soon as I walked in to wait they came over with a hot neck pillow and put it on me! ha ahhhh so relaxing. Then when he washed my hair he did this LONG scalp and neck massage and did a special aromatherapy thing at the beginning, etc. Very fancy ha Before he cut it he asked "okay, how do you want it?" and I said "make it sexy" hahaha He smiled really big and said "muy bien!" haha Well he did a GREAT job! I just love it! the stupid pictures don't do it justice, they never do haha We took some footage too. I can't wait to work with it, but I even loved how he FIXED it, (which I never do with the hair stylists in America! ha) I had Kevin take pics from all angles, hoping that some stylist SOMEWHERE can duplicate it later! ha Candida wanted me to just come back to let him cut it again. ha

Then I came back up to our room and Kevin was on the deck. Every time we're apart for even a little bit and get back together, we both simultaneously say "hola!" ha He had taken some more video of all around our room, etc. for us to remember later, and wrote to his parents. We stayed out on the balcony lying on our deck chairs for about an hour and a half, watching the ocean, and loving it as always.

OH, and I have a funny story about this.. when we were on the deck, I looked up to another (much smaller) deck and there was a couple up there, and the husband was pointing directly to us and showing his wife our balcony haha It was very obvious. They were going "wow", etc. I told Kevin to nonchalantly look ha and he did.

Well, then about 10 minutes later, a different couple was walking along the beach and stopped in their tracks and pointed to us and were saying "wow", etc. ha I said "good grief what's with all the interest in our balcony today?" and Kevin (quick as a whip), said "It's your new haircut, they are all marveling at how beautiful you look LHOL I laughed so hard and said "THAT'S IT!"

Wellllllll, then when I was waiting for my massage, a woman said she was going in for a facial and then was going to get her hair fixed up. I told her I had just gotten mine cut there today, and she looked all excited and said "really? they cut hair here too? and yours looks SO wonderful, I wonder if he could do mine like that?" hahahaha so I came up and told Kevin and he said "SEE, it WAS them all pointing at your gorgeous hair" hahaha

So then I went down to get my massage. WOW it was great! ha It was a sacred hot stone massage, and I had never had one before, and it's SO cool... um, I mean HOT! ha Not only do they massage you with oils, but they keep a hot stone cupped in their hand as they do it too, etc. hard to explain it all, but it was very, very cool. I was SO relaxed when I was done, I was melting like buttah! ha

I came back upstairs to this storm that had started (not a bad one, very little rain, but it was fun to watch it andthe waves got bigger for a while.. we taped another hour of it.. we have like 3 hours of video of the ocean now, we did that on purpose, and today we got lots of video of pelicans getting fish, cause when the storm happened they all went fishing like crazy haha It was so fun to watch from sitting here in bed. Kay had a great idea, which is that we make up a DVD of the ocean and sell it on my web site! ha We're going to do that! We'll have to do some fancy editing with fade-ins and fade-outs, etc. ha cause sometimes someone will walk by (though we usually tape it at a time when most are already inside). We'll see how it works out and I'll let you all know when we get it done (probably a month from now haha)

Tomorrow morning we're going to get up about 9 and go out to the pool and get a bit more sun (we haven't gotten that much really, as we've been using powerful sunscreen), and then come up and change, and finish packing. We check out at noon and then we'll take our bags down for the front desk to watch and then we'll eat one more meal here ::sniff, sniff: and then the transportation comes to take us to the airport at 1:00. Our flight leaves at 4:30. We get home about midnight, then I work right away tomorrow morning, but it should be fun, as this class knows about my trip and are anxious to hear all about it haha and see some pics. I told them I'd quickly fit some pics in when I"m teaching haha

We're sooooo sad that it's about to end, this has become "home" to us this week, but surely with all of our video and pictures we'll be able to remember it long after this. and now it's time to win another trip. :D

Love you all, Cancun Lovers

Our laaaaaaaast day 

We had a great (last) room service breakfast and then went out on the balcony for the last time.  We took some more footage of the ocean, so gorgeous.  It was a bitter sweet day, as we are going to miss it so much.  We drank as much of it in as we possibly could!  

We bought some real vanilla in the airport on our way out and I met up with a woman I had met earlier in the trip (Rachel) at the airport!  That was fun.  The flights went really well, but were a bit delayed coming back into snowy Wisconsin.   We didn't even unpack for several days, because every day we'd open up our suitcases and smell that wonderful beach smell on everything!  and the smell of vanilla that they use in their cleaning products, etc.  

We got to give the presents to everyone when we got back, so at least that part was fun.    Now to win the next trip!