Sharon's 2006 wins

My wins for January, 2006:

Cuisinart Grind and Brew (worth $150)
Lunchables T-shirt for Nick
Nestle Crunch bars
Movie money
Free music downloads $5
Irvin racing t-shirt for Kevin
$50 gift certificate (bought Tinkerbell sweat pants and a cool sweatshirt with the Mom on it from the movie The Incredibles... and the kids are all around her and it says "SuperMom"  :D) Top 100 TV Themes ” Grand Prize package which consists of the following: (a) one (1) All-Time Top 100 TV Themes two-disc CD set. Approximate Retail of the Grand Prize is $18.98.

My wins for February and March, 2006:

$100 Gift Certificate To Purchase Harry Potter Movie Collectibles From The Noble Collection.
Fancy shoes from Chinese Laundry, worth $100, sold them on Ebay for $75

My wins for April, May and June, 2006:

I've won lots of small things, candy bars, a hat, lots of Nair products, etc..
but the BIGGEST WIN I've won so far, I just won in May, woo hoo!!!   I won $10,000 of Thomasville furniture!  I'm very excited, and we plan to makeover our bedroom with a king-sized bed and a vanity and other furniture.  I'll post pictures as soon as we get it!  
I also won 2 tickets to a Nascar race in Michigan.  I sold them on Ebay for $150
I also won $250 of Kitchenaide bakeware on the Crisco sweepstakes.  Pics above!
I won $60 jewelry (beautiful necklace) for my entry in the Greatest Summer Moment contest
I won a $10 Starbucks coffee certificate
I won a DVD "Blade Trinity"
I won a ticket to see a Disney movie
I won a new DVD of Disney/Pixar
I won a Superman Uno game

My wins for July, August and September, 2006:

I won a Superman action figure
I won a Bedhead t-shirt
I won a Petes Wicked Ale t-shirt
I won a 2 DVD box set of Entourage (whatever that is  ha  I'll sell it on Ebay)
I won a rolling cooler from Gatorade (pic above)
I won a mini Antbully poster
I won a $25 African necklace
I got 3 DVD set of mystery movies from Hallmark Mother's Day sweeps
$5 Home Depot Visa card
Lots of free music downloads
Hershey's baseball cap
A lunchbox filled with gummy worms, a magnetic dartboard, a light-up bouncy ball and a slap bracelet from the movie How To Eat Fried Worms
A football jersey from Jerky links
Banquet food items coupons
Kevin won:  a $9 movie download, lots of music downloads, and a $50 visa card, woo hoo Kevin!

My wins for October, November, December, 2006:

Okay well I've been way behind in doing this... somewhat because I was saving a lot of wins to use as presents for Christmas!  ha  So, heeeere we go:

I won 4 Senseos that I gave away 2 as gifts, and 2 I held a sweeps on my sweeps board to give away
I won a Toystory 2-DVD 10th anniversary DVD,
A digital camera from Campbell's 
Stickers and t-shirts
Banquet food win coupons
VHS win of a prank video
10 $25 Target gift certificates from netwinner
My son Nick won Guitar Hero II 
My son Nick won 5 stuffed animals from 4 plays on a claw machine (got 2 one time!) 
Sonicare from a freebie 
$100 gift certificate
Little Debbie racecar 
$10 for (twice!)
$100 gift certificate