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My books (available on Amazon.com, BN.com and Booklocker.com)
(Available in print and Kindle and Nook formats!)

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  "Ready, Click, Win!"

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"Ready, Click, Win!"  tells you:                                                          
  • How to Find and Enter legitimate Sweepstakes
  • How to download FREE Sweepstakes software
  • How to organize your Sweepstakes
  • How to enter Facebook and other Social Media Sweeps
  • What to do when you win
  • Stories and pictures of my wins
  • How to avoid scams and rip-offs
  • How to keep your computer and identity safe

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"The Book of Affirmations"

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    Take control of your life with...The Book of Affirmations!  

     The Book of Affirmations contains over 5,000 Categorized, Positive Self-talk Statements
     No longer will you have to spend time creating your own affirmations, and wondering if they're worded properly

     The Book of Affirmations has done that work for you!

     Highlight some favorites, and find new favorites each time you pick up the book.

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Sharon is the author of "The Book of Affirmations" and "Ready, Click, Win!"
Her books are available as E-books and in Print on Amazon.com, BN.com, and Booklocker.com.